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An extensible toolkit for genetic engineering



Design plasmids or linear strands of DNA for your organism in just one browser tab

Design plasmids or linear strands of DNA for your organism in just one browser tab.


Sketch and iterate in the cloud

Start by quickly capturing your design intent, for example, a strong promoter driving your favorite gene followed by an eGFP tag. Sketch mode lets you add the sequence later. No need to sketch on the whiteboard anymore – just go straight to the browser and keep all information in one place.

Design with hierarchy so you can focus on the parts that matter

Not all information is needed all of the time. Your insert traditionally takes up the least space in your plasmid map, but it may be the most important part in your design. With Genetic Constructor you can collapse the backbone into a single block and focus on your insert.

Query popular online databases for your favorite genes

Genetic Constructor puts the power of NCBI and iGEM at your fingertips. Search for your favorite gene and explore the results. Drag and drop your final selection directly into your design. All annotations are maintained and converted to our convenient hierarchical structure.

Create combinatorial libraries within seconds

Want to test a promoter library and a tag library with your favorite gene? With a regular sequence editor this would result in hundreds of files that you have to keep track of. With Genetic Constructor you can easily populate any block with a list of possible sequences. You continue to work with just one design, but you can easily preview any or all combinations of the possible alternatives.


We offer a simple annual subscription. No complex tiers, no hidden costs.

Genetic Constructor uses modern web standards to give the best possible experience & security for our visitors. We support only Google Chrome on MacOS or Windows at this time. Support for other popular browsers is experimental - most features do work, but there are some known issues. Microsoft IE and Edge are not supported.

The Free Beta has Closed

Free access to Genetic Constructor will end August 20th. Our only tier moving forward will be:



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  • Edit and annotate sequences directly

  • Publish and reuse designs from our growing public collection

  • Share designs privately with individuals or groups

  • Snapshot versions at important decision points in your design process

  • Revisit previous versions using the automatic version history

  • View public protein structures alongside your open reading frame

  • Design primers for all designs in a project with a single click


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